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Have you been noticed broken springs, cables, or a malfunctioning opener? Let our repair and maintenance contractors handle it. We understand how inconvenient it can be dealing with these types of issues, which is why we are available for services 24/7! Get in touch with us today to get a free estimate on your services. 


We offer services in Dallas, TX,  and the surrounding areas!

Unresponsive Remote: This is a very common issue we get calls about. We typically check the batteries first, but if the issue is not battery related, we may need to reprogram or replace the remote. We will also rule out a malfunctioning opener related problem.

Broken Springs: There is never a convenient time for the springs to break. When the springs are broken, the door most likely wont open. We advise that you give us a call instead of trying to open it yourself as this can result in more damage.

Garage Door Off Track: Garage doors can become off track for a few reasons. Some of the reasons that they do are, something is obstructing the door when it is opening/closing, they have weak springs, or that the door got hit (run into or backed into). No matter the cause, we are here to help.

Malfunctioning Opener: The issue could be caused by something as simple as misaligned safety sensors, worn out gear and sprockets, or more serious problems like of a malfunctioning circuit board. We can help no matter the issue.

Broken Cables: When you have a broken spring, quite often you will find that the cables are unwound too. They don’t typically break as they are made of steel, but they do need to be wound back on the drum. If it is necessary to replace the cables we will be prepared to do so.

Damaged Garage Door Panels: Depending on the extent of the damage to the panels, we may be able to repair them. If they do need to be replaced, we will need to establish, the make and model to ensure the parts are available. We work with the best vendors in the industry and have a vast selection.

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Stunning and Durable Garage Door Installation in the Dallas, TX Area

Are you looking to install a new garage door for your home or business in Dallas, TX? Team up with our experienced technicians for the perfect garage door that offers both beauty and functionality.

Our team offers everything from garage door installation and maintenance to spring repair and replacement. We understand that you rely on your garage door every day, you want to make sure it is reliable. If you would like assistance from an expert in the area, call on My Garage and Gates!


We believe it is important to install insulated garage doors, especially here in the Dallas climate. Whether the property is a residential or commercial, there are many benefits to installing this type of door such as energy efficiency, reduced utility costs, comfortable

temperature, and durability.

Modern Steel

 Our modern steel garage doors create a sleek and sophisticated look to any home. This contemporary design is also durable, rust-resistant, and affordable!

Classic Steel

Classic steel garage doors are sustainable, affordable, and long lasting, making them a popular choice. We offer them in both heavy-duty 24 gauge and standard duty 25 gauge with rust protection, and many lovely designs to select from.

Carriage Style Steel

Carriage style steel garage doors are a great blend of the classic design, with the detailing of wooden carriage house garage doors, and the durability of excellent steel construction. These amazing doors are a blend of style and strength. They come in insulated or non-insulated.

Custom Wood

Custom wood garage doors can be contemporary, classic, rustic, or country style. The options are almost endless, but our team is prepared to help you pick the perfect design.

Modern Glass

Our glass garage doors look extremely modern, high end, and create the perfect balance of natural light and privacy, but we offer additional customizations to increase both. Built with aluminum frames and various options of reinforced glass, they are way to maintain, durable, and strong.

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