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With almost a decade of service, My Garage and Gates, Inc. offers everything from garage door repair and installation to gate repair and fence installation. Our small family-owned business is ready to provide you with an excellent customer service experience, competitive pricing, using only high-quality materials in our projects. Need fast and reliable assistance? Contact us right now and receive 24/7 assistance on whatever the situation might be.

Your Local Provider Of Garage & Gates Services

We train our team to provide you a wide range of services and solutions tailored to your needs. We make sure to use only the best and most qualified products in the industry. We are confident in the professionalism of the teams we dispatch every day.


We offer our customers a vast selection of great styles and solutions tailored to their needs. We have partnered with vendors that ensure the quality of the products we use. Have complete confidence in the work of our team of professionals. 


Extensive experience in:


  • Garage doors
  • Gates
  • Fencing


Let us protect your family and the ones you care about the most with the right fence for your property. Contact our team today to learn more about your options and how we can help you.


Contact A Skillful Professional

Ready to start? So are we. Let us hear what you have in mind, and let’s get to work on your next project. We cannot wait to ensure all your garage, gates, and fencing needs are covered. Call now at (832) 980-5458 to get a free estimate.


We believe it is important to install insulated garage doors, especially here in the Houston climate. Whether the property is a residential or commercial, there are many benefits to installing this type of door such as energy efficiency, reduced utility costs, comfortable temperature, and durability. 

Modern Steel

Our modern steel garage doors create a sleek and sophisticated look to any home. This contemporary design is also durable, rust-resistant, and affordable! 

Classic Steel

Classic steel garage doors are sustainable, affordable, and long lasting, making them a popular choice. We offer them in both heavy-duty 24 gauge and standard duty 25 gauge with rust protection, and many lovely designs to select from. 

Carriage Style Steel

Carriage style steel garage doors are a great blend of the classic design, with the detailing of wooden carriage house garage doors, and the durability of excellent steel construction. These amazing doors a blend of style and strength. They come in insulated or non-insulated. 

Custom Wood

Custom wood garage doors can be contemporary, classic, rustic, or country style. The options are almost endless, but our team is prepared to help you pick the perfect design. 

Modern Glass

Our glass garage doors look extremely modern, high end, and create the perfect balance of natural light and privacy, but we offer additional customizations to increase both. Built with aluminum frames and various options of reinforced glass, they are way to maintain, durable, and strong. 

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